These Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Mac

You all know that Apple Mac is expensive. There is no specific reason what justifies the cost of Mac, but one thing is clear that not all people can afford it.

However, they are high quality and last longer than window PCs. If you cannot afford to buy a new Mac, you can buy a refurbished Mac, but you need to know a lot of things before investing your hard earned money in them.

Buying a new Apple Mac will definitely cost you an arm and a leg, but a refurbished Mac can save you a fortune. A refurbished Mac is a pre-owned product returned to Apple store as it may have an error leaving the user dissatisfied.

These faulty errors may include but not limited to a faulty pixel, broken USB port, and the like. Sometimes users return them to an Apple store because they lose interest in it as the experience they gain is not as worth as the price they paid. Apple allows customers to return a Mac to the store within 14 days.

Once returned the company repairs all faulty products and then the company sells them through online store. Such Macs are usually sold at discounted price. If you want to use Mac despite being on a tight budget, you should consider buying refurbished Mac. Here are some things you must consider before buying Mac.

You will not have enough options

Refurbished products are not available throughout the year. They come onto the market when new products are available, which means the online store displays them alongside new models. It becomes discombobulating for users to differentiate between refurbished and newer Macs. It is important that you stay up to date with new offerings of Apple.

It is likely that what you want to buy you cannot get online because the available stock depends on what people return to the store, and therefore getting a specific Mac may mean waiting for several weeks and frequently checking for new stock of the desired model. There are some online sites that allow you to choose the specific type of model by sending you alert as soon as the product shows up on the market.

When you buy a refurbished model from the Apple store, make sure that you have read all product descriptions thoroughly to find out it specifically meets your needs.

Refurbished Macs are unlikely to be in good condition

Though the company allows you to return a Mac within 14 days to repair all faults, it may not replace all faulty parts. Smaller faults that include upgrade to hardware like RAM, SSD, graphic cards and processors, but major faults cannot be undertaken under refurbishment, which is why you cannot expect refurbished model to be in the same condition as a new Mac.

You must note that it is a pre-owned product. No two refurbished Macs can be in the same condition. Therefore, make sure that you have researched well and looked at ratings.

Refurbished Macs are not likely to be very cheap

Many people think that refurbished Macs can save them a fortune. Well, there is no doubt that you will get them at lower prices, but there is no guarantee that what you are buying meets all your needs. Further, discounts may vary between 15 to 20%.

It is very rare that prices drop by 25%. In fact, you will get 20 percent discount on older machines that you may not be interested to buy. The older the model is, the lower the prices will be.  

Expect shorter warranty

You know that Apple is generous when it comes to its warranty policy. For all new models, Apple offers one-year warranty period. Thanks to its generosity that it provides a warranty period for refurbished products, but it is as short as three months. 

If you want to extend it, you will need to pay for it. It means that if you come across any issue within 90 days, the company will fix it without charging any penny.

When you buy a refurbished Mac, make sure that the seller provides a warranty period. They might be cheaper than any other model, but they still cost you a decent amount of money. Try to avoid a seller who does not provide you with a warranty period. Otherwise, you will have your money down the drain.

Refurbished products are tested before sale

Whether it is a refurbished model or a new Mac, Apple conducts the rigorous testing procedure to ensure that all products are free from faults and defects. Refurbished products also follow the same technical testing procedure that retail products follow.

The test ensures that they are up and running, no part of the device consists of cosmetic defects, cleaning and inspection.

During the testing, technicians make sure that the drives are completely empty. The company not only deletes the user account but also format the entire drive and then reinstall the operating system. Deleting old user data is also essential from legal viewpoint.

Refurbished Macs from third-party sellers

Apple does not permit the sale of refurbished products from stores. You need to visit the online store to purchase such models. However, you can buy these products from third-party retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Such retailers also offer refurbished products at lower prices, but they may not offer a warranty period.

It is likely that they are not tested by Apple. Apple does not allow the sale of such products through third-party retailers. Such products from third-party sites may help you save a lot of money, but they will not be worth it because you can encounter major problems down the road.

The bottom line

If you want to buy a Mac at affordable prices and do not mind waiting for a few months, there is no sense to buy expensive new Mac over refurbished model. With patience, you can find the exact model as per your requirements.

There is no doubt that you will get refurbished Mac at lower prices, yet it is likely that you face cash shortfall. You do not need to worry because you can apply for loans for bad credit. You can fund any expense with these loans. Instalment payments make them more affordable than other short-term loans. In fact, you can use these loans to buy a new Mac.


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