How to Test The Speed of Home Broadband Connection

The best places to check the accurate speed of your connection are various speed test websites that provide you the good idea of your connection speed. Such websites inform you whether your connection is running at best possible speed or is quite slower than your data plan.

Slow speed always makes users frustrated because it affects the continuous flow of live streaming videos or takes a lot of time in downloading or uploading any file. If you want to check your connection bandwidth then simply search 'broadband speed test' on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. After clicking on enter button, many results appear on your screen. Just click any of the results and test your conjoin speed by clicking on 'run bandwidth test' option.

You will get the accurate result of your connection speed in few seconds. The connection haste will be recorded in kilobits per second (Kbps). To know the speed in Megabits Per Second (Mbps), just divide the test score by1000. Here you need to understand that there are many factors associated with your that affect its speed which also reflects in your speed test.

For example: downloading or uploading any larger file will affect the results of your haste test therefore you need to ensure that there will be no file in auto-update mode in background or your have not listed any file in downloading during the test. It is also advisable to delete the browsing history before running the test because there are many unwanted files that remained open in the background and makes slowdown your connect speed.

It is also noticed that the time of the day you run an internet speed test also affects the actual results therefore it is always advisable to run haste test on several times during a day to determine the exact haste of your connection. When the smooth of your connect is quite similar in every test result then you will find the accurate speed of your connect.

To determine your broadband connect speed, you can also ask your friends using similar connection regarding their connect haste. Ask them to run haste test at the same time when you perform it as this will give you better understanding of your bandwidth. In case you find your download haste better than upload haste then you don't need to worry much because most of service providers like BSNL offer 'asymmetric' haste in their connection. You can easily BSNL bill payment will do via online.

It is because mostly the users like to download much in compare to upload files. However, if you would like to have fast download and upload speed in your connect then it is advisable to ask for 'symmetric' haste in the connect. In case you find your haste is not up to the mark after the test results then ask your service provider to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

So it is always better to run a haste test and check the exact haste of your connect as per your data plan. So if you find your speed quite slow in test result and despite complaining the service provider, it is not improved then better to switch your connect.


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