The Wait is Over Now - iPhone 11 is Right in Front of You!

It’s here now! The wait is over, no need to hold your breath because it has officially launched. Everybody hang around in front of Apple stores to launch a new iPhone as soon as possible. People get curious for whenever any news comes in the market related to the iPhone, as they can’t wait for the new one. It is not just a phone, it is something which has always been in trend and no one can replace it.

The biggest completion is here now!

If anyone says that the rivalry has started with the launch of a new iPhone, then it won’t be wrong. The moment Apple launched the new series of iPhone, people go crazy. It is one of the trendiest phones, which give everyone a new style in their personality.

Even the prices are not cheap. It can cost a lot still no one thinks about it, of course, they are in a crazy mood. People go for instalment options or choose to borrow for 12 months or maybe more than it. This is one of the safest things as British lenders a direct lender give privilege to every customer.

First look is taking everyone’s heart!

The way we all are expecting the new iPhone 11 to look, it goes beyond the expectation of us. On Tuesday, at Steve Jobs theatre, the new pair of iPhone series has been launched on the biggest level. The press event happened at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, which comes under California.

It is one of the most gorgeous looking iPhones that Apple has launched till now in the market. The thing, which takes more attention in front of media, is the new a 13 bionic chip. The moment people saw its versions 11 and 11 Pro, they couldn’t help their self from staring at it.

The camera works best!

The time everyone saw the new iPhone, the one major thing that catches everybody’s attention is the camera and its looks. The 12 MP dual cameras take everyone’s breath away.

The instant you open the camera and on the 1X button, it automatically does its magic. It immediately zooms out 2X or .5X zoom to get the ultra-wide-angle. The camera takes the photo that looks like a person is actually sitting in front.

Totally new look this time!

The phone has the entire new look this time from front to back, as the camera is much bigger now.

When we look at the prices of it and the second we see the body of the iPhone, only one thing we say to ourselves i.e. it is indeed worth and nothing can replace it.

There is some magic on the iPhone. The time you hold it you start feeling the best. Even it’s in your pocket and only the camera is visible, then also it looks awesome. The best about the iPhone is its ringtone, which represents it truly.

Exclusive features that can make anyone crazy!

What to say about the features when just looks are making the heart beat faster. Not just it looks good but it has some eye-catchy qualities. Some of them are:-
  • It is available in six different colours

  • Improved battery

  • IP68 water resistance

  • Astonishing metallic body

These are some of the things that divert people’s mind to buy iPhone 11. In fact, when people get to know about these features, they don’t stop themselves from buying.

Is there any chance to swap the current iPhone from iPhone 11?

Yes, Apple does understand the importance of iPhone in people’s eyes. It is why they offer the swapping option from your old one to the new one.

However, there are some conditions for it which everyone should keep in mind. Some of them are:-

  • The good physical and operational condition of the current iPhone
  • Able to switch on properly and with good charging
  • The display should be original
  • No breaks on the side or no cracks
These are some of the essential points that you should keep in mind before going for the swapping option. However, it is one of the most favourite choices among people.

iPhone 11 or 11 pro: Which one is best and better?

There is not as much difference in both the models but there some features, which make it visual wise and features wise totally different. Let’s have a look at some of them:-

iPhone 11

  iPhone 11 Pro 

Dual Rear Cameras
Three Rear Cameras
6.1 liquid retina HD
5.8 inch super retina HD
2 meters underwater
4 meters underwater

Both phones have outstanding qualities. It totally depends on the budget and requirement that you prefer.

Have it and get addicted to it!

Whenever we buy our first iPhone, we automatically fall in love with it. The feelings and care that we show for our iPhone are unpredictable. If we broke it or even we see a small scratch on it, then we become mad because it is not just about cost, it is about the importance.

Moreover, some people call it an iPhone family, which is a position that not every phone gets. iPhone means my phone that gives it more your touch. Once you start using it then it is almost impossible to use another phone. You get addicted to its hold and touch system, which gives you more tempt feeling than any other phone.

To give to a close........

iPhone is not just a trend, it is something a part of many families from years. People even treat it as a family member in each and every event, as they take photos from it. Captures their most memorable moments from it and secure in it.

The respect people give to it is not a waste, as the makers keep that respect in mind and make it better with every new launch. This is why more individuals are joining “I” family over the years. They can’t wait to buy an iPhone 11. Don’t think unnecessarily when you can order an iPhone. Just sit at home, enjoy the privilege and buy one fast.

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